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One On One Training

Our team of professional personal trainers and our gym in Bangkok, are equipped to give you challenging, enjoyable, and effective workouts—along with the knowledge you need to balance fitness with the rest of your lifestyle.

Home Fitness

We train you at your condo or house with our necessary equipments to help you achieve your goals in 90 days


Professional yoga teachers are pleased to serve you at our studio or your home

Free Transportation

We provide free exclusive transportation to our members from their home to our gym


One of essential weight loss program that will help you to be fit in 90 days

Group Training

90 days weight loss plus six-pack program with 100% setisfaction with the result.



Platinum Gym is a state-of-the-art private gym, results-focused methodology have attracted an exclusive, high-powered membership. The duplex facility combines privacy, luxury, and top-of-the-line equipment. Members can relax before and after workouts on a 3,000-square-foot landscaped terrace. The locker rooms feature lockers faced in dark oak and showers with rainshower heads and terrazzo floors. Platinum Gym has attracted global attention for its method of training and the incorporation of technology in its fitness regimens. It was rated the Top Personal Training Gym in Fitness Magazines Best Of issue and was featured on the cover of the Ellte Magazines. The Platinum Gym Philosophy Joining Platinum is a two-way commitment. With membership capped at 200, all applicants are interviewed by Tony , must commit to working out at the gym at least twice a week, and are subject to a background check. These workouts are conducted with trainers and last one hour. All members are welcomed to use the gym anytime in addition to their personal training sessions. Tony, a former bodybuilder and pre-med student, approaches fitness scientifically. All new members go through a six-to-twelve-session assessment process with Tony, in which he assesses flexibility, cardio-respiratory fitness, strength, endurance, and body fat. He zeroes in on the unique musculature of each client, isolating differences between right and left sides of the body, different parts of each muscle, and the two major muscle fiber types (those for strength, and those for endurance), in order to design a workout tailored to each member's genetic aptitude, level of fitness, health conditions, and goals. "You can't fail," Tony likes to say. "We're just gathering data." Exclusive Team of Personal Trainers With a professional background in pain medicine and rehabilitation, Tony emphasizes proper form and alignment for both safety and effectiveness. From session to session, he and his team of carefully chosen and mentored trainers meticulously track a member's progress to identify areas that need extra attention and to keep pushing each member to new levels of fitness. Workouts are continually tweaked, and members periodically go through a full reassessment.

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  •   Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
  •   Satisfaction-guaranteed


Tales of Heros of Body Transformations
134807x3f0vqq0483zvlmeI would like to say, as many others have, that Platinum Gym coaches are inspiration. Using their training techniques and workouts have really given me the drive I needed to really work on improving myself. I wasn’t happy before with my self-image and now I am in love.

Kevin Thanachart

Sathorn, Bangkok
20140301085516773I’ve been a recovering addict for 3 1/2 years. After a couple years into my sobriety i decided to make changes in my body and diet. Platinum Gym and their training programs have been the ultimate example for me on when it comes to healthy living and functional strength. I’m now a personal trainer

Gus Naratichai

Silom, Bangkok
peta-living-before-and-after-602-eric-602x364I weighed at one point in my life over 225 lbs and taking several medications because of the weight! I could not walk up stairs without having to stop… Now I RUN them stairs!! Loosing the weight was the easy part staying motivated and staying dedicated was the difficult part… Until I came across Platinum Gym and took their course then i got what i wanted :)

Paul Jones

Bangkok Expat
oGWgtaAAbout a year ago in November, I realized as my age started climbing, so did my weight. My body followed suit and began to diminish in form and figure. Then I decided to hire one their coaches to come and train me at my place and only after 3 moths intensive workout with one of them I lost 11kg and gain my body shape.

Ponsit Bonpee

IF-TransformationMy transformation began as your typical guy at the gym that only lifted weights. I was always concerned and frustrated with my training because it always seemed like I was going nowhere and not getting any results. Lots of times I would lose motivation and not even stay consistent with my workouts! I came across Platinum Gym and I learned how to get fit as fast as possible in short time. I faithfully followed their training programs and their vegan nutrition and I finally got the results I’ve always hoped I could have. I improved my soul, my body, my personality, my endurance, my power and my energy! This is not just about a body transformation. It’s a life change! Thank you guys

Apirak Supasan

20150818171850_73341 It was very big challenge for me to date guys because the way i looked, old and fat but after finding professional coaches in their gym all the sudden everything changed for me and now i have more confidence to date.

Korawit Ritaniwan

Lat Phrao Bangkok


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